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מרחב מרפא

Healing Space -
Integrative Healing for Trauma

On October 8th, we opened Healing Space - an innovative and integrative center for emotional healing centered on helping  people impacted by the traumatic events of 7.10.23 . Healing Space provides an innovative and preventive space for healing, that open to the natural environment and supported by community. The informal and warm atmosphere held by dedicated  professionals offer various ways  by which people connect with their inner ability to heal. These include body, spirit and soul through body and sensory work, emotional treatment and various workshops as in: yoga therapy, acro balance, music, arts, sound healing, work with the earth etc.,. 

to provide immediate and integrative support to trauma survivors to create emotional balance, and help people rebuild trust in themselves and in others, thereby drastically reducing the risks of trauma outlined above.

Our Mission

Since October 7th, we have:

  • Provided a safe haven for over 5000 survivors of the nova festival and their families

  • Recruited 900 volunteers

  • Supported families and friends through group therapy 

  • Offered trainings for survivors including dealing with trauma, psychoeducation and more empowering those in need to be the future care givers.

  • Provided professional supervision and training to all caregivers

  • Are operating a research team to derive better understanding of the trauma and ways to heal.


"There are not enough words to thank you for this amazing initiative, and all the people who work there, to provide essential support to my daughter and her friends who survived the inferno at the party."

parent of survivor. age: 50

Healing space
מרחב מרפא
מרחב מרפא

Our unique working model is built on four pillars:


Community as resource and foundation for belonging through connecting with people that went through similar experiences 

Unique setting:

The healing environment changes in light of what each population needs and is connected to nature reflecting life, growth and constant movement


Our clients have free choice and are invited to discover what their healing process involves as well as taking  responsibility for the process


Addressing mind,

body, spirit, and soul as different aspects holding the trauma as well as informing the healing


In a nation facing ongoing trauma, our vision is to support, consult and help open healing centers around the country that will be supported through highlighting the human resources in local communities - empowering communities to support their people and vice versa. We anticipate joining hands with other organizations  to advance integrative and informal healing that is professional and based on scientific evidence. We believe that Healing Space is an example of a new way to envision mental health that supports wholeness and thriving.  

  • To create healing journeys for various populations that face identity crisis and need to heal through understanding their strengths and potential as guiding direction in life.  

  • Capture learnings and advance national understanding of integrative healing for trauma

  • Support and walk communities and individuals through their healing process. 

  • Creating and offering healing days for therapists, volunteers, people from the medical professions and others who need the support.

Next steps

Founding Team: Lia Naor, Ph.D.

Board of Advisors:

Advisors include experts in  mental health including Prof. Mooli Lahad, Prof. Meirav Rot, Thomas Huebl, Ph.D., Nachi Alon Ph.D., Adi Barak, Ph.D.,


In The News

"My life was saved on October 7th but

my soul was saved here today."

A. survivor, age 22

מרחב מרפא
מרחב מרפא
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