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"When we lose our dreams

we lose our soul" Iroquois saying



A “journey” is a rare opportunity to stop the “train” of daily life and travel through magical landscapes, unique exercises and much silence. Each “journey” calls us to leave the familiar and venture into the unknown. In order to become full, release ourselves, relax, regain balance and discover insights.The journey incorporates walking, workshops, creativity, writing, stories, beauty and lots of small surprises.Just as in the mythological journey, there are encounters with dark forests,

fire-spitting dragons, kind fairies, witches anddwarves. Every journey is magical! There is always adventure, curiosity and an inexplicable drive to go ahead, discover and be revealed. This is what journeys are meant to do. They combine adventure, walking, beautiful sights, and they always invite special experiences.You may join one of the journeys below or you may order a private journey for a group or an event.You can choose one of the journeys detailed below or you may contact me for a journey that matches your personal needs and wishes:

Vision Quest 

For the wanderers, the inquisitive, the women and men who roamed the deserts seeking truth and the mystery of life far from daily life, pressure and civilization.

This is an initiation rite for those seeking greater depth and clarity about their life’s purpose and meaning. As a rite of initiation, the quest is a ceremonial descent to the underworld, to die to the familiar way in which you belong to the world and to your daily life, to uncover the passion and wisdom of your soul, and find your unique gift to the world. The journey reveals to you how the various components of who you are become the meaning of your life both for yourself and as your service to others. The ceremony is an initiation into your own soul and deeper layers of true adulthood. As a rite of passage, the quest facilitates the transition through a major crossroads in life. Such crossroads include loss, crisis, change of career, divorce, illness and more. All of these may evoke disharmony and great difficulty, but these shifts may also be necessary for all post-adolescent personal development and initiation to the place where you truly belong.

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