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דרכים לדעת

…to live so that which came to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom,and that which came to me as blossom,goes on as fruit.”

 Dawna Markova

דרכים לדעת


דרכים לדעת

Man is a Tree of the Field

What are my qualities?

How can I express my abilities at work and in every domain in my life?

Why did I choose my current position and how can I grow and help others grow?


These questions and others will be answered in a fascinating lecture on “Treeology.”

Treeology is a scientific approach that stems from the field of graphology and drawing analysis. During the lecture, every participant will draw a tree and will learn to decipher what his or her tree says about them. Through this experience we will be assisted by a fascinating and simple method of analyzing tree drawings and we will enrich our knowledge with stories and examples.

This is a useful tool to enhance our understanding of ourselves and those around us. A fun and growth-enhancing experience!

דרכים לדעת

Children’s Fairy Tales
for Adults Only

What are the messages and the truth behind children’s fairy tales, folk tales and mythologies? A fascinating lecture that will reconnect you to your childhood and bedtime stories. We will learn to view the tales as guiding stories in our adult lives. The lecture includes a variety of stories, a presentation and humor.


דרכים לדעת

Longings of the Dreamworld


Why does Lilith appear only at night? What really happens at night in between the sheets, when we lose control and the mysterious world envelops us? This is the dreamtime…In this lecture we will enter the mysterious dreamworld – the nonverbal language of the soul. We will learn to decipher what lies hidden from the eye through messages, symbols and the concealed ideas in dreams. We will learn about the great importance

of dreams.

דרכים לדעת
דרכים לדעת
דרכים לדעת
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