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דרכים לדעת

דרכים לדעת

דרכים לדעת

…to live so that which came to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom,and that which came to me as blossom,goes on as fruit.”

 Dawna Markova

דרכים לדעת

Facilitating Nature Based Processes for Personal development and Initiation: Ways of Knowing Professional Training

“Ways of Knowing” offers this unique training that will provide future facilitators with the tools and knowledge to lead nature based processes focused on discovery and development of personal potential toward leading a life of meaning in connection with internal and external nature.  The training offers a transformative space for personal process, discovery, and development by tuning in to the self, the other and the powerful natural environment as an inherent resource to humanity. The first year is an experiential learning process that involves a personal and in-depth process of discovering the unique essence or soul path of oneself through intimate connection with nature. The second year focuses on deepening knowledge as professionals in the field, encompassing working models, theories, research- data and methods for intervention, providing practical tools for integrating nature into learning and developmental processes.


 “Ways of Knowing” is designed for those who are affiliated with nature and wish to expand their experience of being in the world through personal and professional meaningful contribution.  Based on understanding the possibilities inherent in nature for personal growth as well as professionally deepening an understating on how to integrate the intelligence and power of nature into different frameworks.

The training provides participants with knowledge and experience in creating a therapeutic space and framework for growth, healing, initiation and necessary life transitions in a beneficial and nurturing way.


"Ways to Knowing" was created as a response to a growing human need, the need for belonging and meaning, and out of an understanding that true belonging and meaning require deepening our knowing and intimate relationships with nature as holding the wider context of who we are. In distancing from nature, we have forgotten the threads that connect us to the world as a resource of information and growth.


"Ways to Knowing" help people re-member the human potential to be in relationship with the natural environment and the elements as a direct route by which inner nature is discovered and developed.

Through many years of clinical experience, academic research and an ongoing deep connection with the naturel world, Lia Naor has developed a working model for Nature based therapy based on developmental principles that exist in nature and represent human development. Through in-depth study of this model, students and practitioners will acquire the methods and tools for working with nature as co.


Teaching Staff:

Dr. Lia Naor, nature therapist, researcher and teacher who has focused on the process of change and positive transformation as occurring through the natural environment.


Omer Gonen Halla, creator, artist and facilitator who integrates sounds, music, prayer, knowledge of rituals and soul medicine toward living truthful and meaningful lives.

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