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דרכים לדעת

דרכים לדעת

דרכים לדעת

…to live so that which came to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom,and that which came to me as blossom,goes on as fruit.”

 Dawna Markova

דרכים לדעת

Professional Training for Leading Nature Based Development Processes  In Cooperation with the University of Haifa

First year - developing the personal self

This training is unique and includes a significant personal process of learning and development through experience in nature. The initiation process is developed through six journeys within the wilderness. Travelling beyond linear time and place, one moves towards leaving what is familiar and known into an unknown space that invites you to expand and discover who you are in a deep sense by discovering your unique essence (gift) in the world. It takes shape through experiential interventions in nature, from the set point of deliberate disintegration of the structures that prevent growth up to the realization of one’s potential.

This year includes six sessions/journeys of three days (Wednesday morning - Friday afternoon): each session takes place in a different and unique natural space, in field conditions (without much effort or walking) that allow participants to undergo a process of learning under conditions that support change and growth.

"Ways of Knowing" is recognized by the International Association for Eco psychology (IES)


Course details for the first year 2024:

First Journey: 18-20.10.23

Where did I come from and where am I headed to? (Ramon Crater)

Characteristics of the beginning: the transition from the familiar to the unknown. Dialogue with nature and mystery as a way of knowing.

Creating a safe container – working with the group and the setting.

Symbolic language: working with mystery and metaphors through dreaming, creation, and deep imagination as meaningful as informing us.

Working with avoidance and resistance


Second Journey: 01.12.23

From our evident personal story to the greater evolving story (Judean Desert)

Deepening the discovery and relationship with external and internal nature through various field experiences, including walking, climbing, observing, writing, ceremony, and story.


Third Journey: 10-12.01.24

The Light shines through the cracks. (Ella Vally)

 Encountering darkness, the shadow, transferences, fear and wound as inviting us to deeper understandings of ourselves and an alchemic meeting point by which our gift is nourished by our brokenness. Revealing ways of development, change and even transformation through befriending the dark.


Fourth Journey (five days): 19-23.02.24

If I am not for me, who will be for me (Arava)

 The art of Solo: solitude as central to self-discovery and development. Precise preparation for solitude in nature, including focusing on setting intention and creating a vision.

Creating a sacred space

The art of integartion – collecting stories and working on mirrors


Fifth Journey: 3-5.04.24

Walking home to one’s self (Golan Hights)

 Giving our gifts as a way to anchor them in life. The art of community and ceremony in transition and transformation.


Sixth Journey: 22-24.05.24

The trails become a roadmap (Seashore)

 Integrating the learning process as a roadmap to the journey of life– integration into personal and professional life as well as delving deeper into the meaning of ending and departing


Between each journey there is a group integration session on Sunday afternoons (5.11.23 ,17.12.23, 21.01.23, 3.03.24, 7.04.24)


Distributing certificates and graduation party on June 9, 2024

General details

1. The course takes place in wild nature with all that it implies, the wish and ability to study under these conditions is within the responsibility of the student.

2. The admission process will include filling out a personal and medical questionnaire and an interview with Lia. The course will be accompanied by in-depth practice and homework and includes submitting a final written paper and conveying content in the final journey; Meeting these requirements is a prerequisite to participate in the course.

3. The course is also suitable for Sabbath observants (returning home from sessions before Shabbat).

4. Those interested will be given a third-year option that includes a fieldwork with guidance and Supervision.

5. There may be changes in the program


The cost includes:

1. Six profound exploration journeys in nature

2. Two facilitators who lead and guide the entire process

3. Personal guidance from a professional staff member

4. Six group sessions throughout the year between the journeys – Integration group circles around the fire

5. Personal meetings as needed

6. A professional logistic system that supports the journey in the field

7. Nutritious vegetarian meals on all journeys

8. Join free of charge for the various community events (trips, workshops, and parties) 


Recognition and certificates:

1. The course is recognized for continuing education remuneration by the Ministry of Education.

2. First-year course graduates who participated in all the trips and submitted the assignments will be awarded a certificate from the University of Haifa

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